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Tokyo Cllege of Music
 Senzoku Gakuen College of Music



Member of Japan Core Conditioning Association.
Authorised Advanced, Hime-Training and Senior Specialist Trainer.
Kayano graduated from Osaka College of Music and made her debut in Kyoto. Since then, she has been working as a freelance musician and educator. Her musical activities are not only in classical music, but also in many different genres such as having worked with a Latin band and as a recording artist for TV commercials.
After having a car accident, Kayano became interested in body movement management of injured musicians. Whilst receiving Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais lessons, she came across Body Mapping. Kayano went to the Royal College of Music for further flute study and realised the importance of the balance between mind and body. Upon finishing her performance degree at the RCM, she moved to Oregon, USA to study Body Mapping with Barbara Conable and qualified as an Andover Educator.
Thereafter, Kayano has been active as a Body Mapping lecturer. In August 2004, the lecture on "What Every Flute Player Needs to Know About the Body" which Kayano gave at BFS (British Flute Society) International Flute Convention in Manchester, UK was highly acclaimed.
She also has given Body Mapping classes at the William Bennett International Flute Summer School in 2010.
Kayano is currently a professor at Tokyo College of Music, teaching "Physical expression and music", which field of study is the first of its kind in a Japanese college, based on the "Teaching the Art of Movement in Music" by B. Conable. The lectures are attended by many musicians. She gives further lectures and workshops in many places across Japan.
Kayano studied flute with Takako Shiraishi, Ryoichi Sone, Nobutaka Shimizu, Graham Mayger and Clare Southworth. She has attended master classes given Doriot Anthony Dwyer, Robert Aitken, Michie Bennett and William Bennett, OBE.
Her Body Mapping instructors were Hitomi Ono, Barbara Conable and Thomas Mark and received instruction in Alexander Technique under the guidance of Hitomi Ono, John Hunter, J Clayman, A Batty, Hatsuko Kayahara, Eriko Matsumoto and C Goulden.

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